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Collecting and Identifying Crown Embossed Brookfield Beehive Insulators

By Lee Brewer

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Description: This book is the result of 15 years of study and research. It has full color throughout with diagrams and pictures. It is 269 pages long, 8x10, and spiral bound so it can lay flat as a research book. The covers are laminated.

The book consists of four main sections:

1. CREB FAQ - this section answers a LOT of questions about insulators in general using the CREB145s as a baseline. Questions about different types of production methods and molds, production numbers, colors of glass, daily factory operations, How ghost embossings occurs, how to take good insulator pictures, clarification on what 5000KM lights actually are and how they affect insulator color in pictures, questions on odd (such as two numbers) shop numbers on one piece, and the concept of how mold release paste has led to many insulator misspellings/error embossings are just some of the content in this area. This section also clarifies the different groups of CREB145s and allows for probable dating of CREBs by group (and probable purple CREB production dates).

2. A large history section made from media articles of the day. The article main points are summarized and listed in a year by year format according to each year's "burn" (the working period when furnaces were lit). This is the only yearly Brookfield history compilation in print the author is aware of as it was compiled from researching and collecting the articles from various sources. Interesting facts come to light from this history and the 1915 date of the “voluntary dissolution” of Brookfield’s Brooklyn factory is shown no longer to be a mystery! Furnaces, strikes, down times during the burns and much, much more included.

3. The CREEL - CReb Exact Embossing List. This is a section with a detailed description of every known CREB145. It lists the EXACT embossing to aid identification of each mold number and its variants. There is a picture of every known Shop number on the crown. These are grouped together so all the same numbered CREB145s are compared and contrasted. Differences in similar molds are listed to help discern one from the other. Notes as to production history of each mold, its multiple uses when changed to different numbers, etc. are just one other part. Yes... there is more :) 

4. The Maps & Charts reference section. A new and simple three letter/number system for categorizing all CREBs simply is introduced. Two charts comparing the EXACT embossings in the book to the Price Guide listings are included to aid in finding your piece. Just recently discovered, and previously unknown inclusions are: a. Letters from Brookfield to his mold maker (mentioning insulator molds) b. a (1941) letter from a former worker in the Bushwick plant describing the workings there. c. A letter from James Brookfield's grandson describing the plant and his grandfather. d. A floor map from 1907 of the Bushwick factory plant.

Also included is an interview with William Lord Brookfield conducted in the 90s by Carol McDougald (reprinted in entirety with permission of CJOW). An interview conducted by Glenn Drummond and Bill Meier also are included that describe the inner working intricacies of an 1800s glass factory and specifically describe the duties of each person in a group (“shop") who worked together to make insulators.

Condition:  New

Notes: Due to technical reasons, at the time of publication an index was not available. One is available to download now. This handy reference is available to everyone, regardless of if you have purchased the book or not.