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Inventory Updated 4/11/2024

About Us
Brookfield glass insulator at the insulator store

About The Insulator Store

The Insulator Store, based in eastern Pennsylvania, is owned and operated by Justin Stoudt and Jim Frustieri. We have a combined 50+ years experience collecting insulators, and there is a good chance you know us already! If not, we frequent most of the shows on the east coast, occasionally the mid-west and even eastern Canada, so feel free to say "Hi" when you see us.

Feel free to browse our selection of world wide glass and porcelain insulators, line hardware, commemoratives and much more. Don’t forget to “Like” and “Follow” our Facebook page to stay informed on our constantly changing inventory and our auction schedule. Our goal is to provide the collector with desirable insulators, fast shipping and exceptional customer service! Take a look at the map below to see where we have sent insulators to our many happy customers. Can you help us fill in the map?


Interested In Learning About Insulators?

“Insulators? You mean those glass things on the top of telephone poles?” Yes, that is what we are talking about! The very first insulators were produced in the early 1850’s for use on telegraph lines and were little more than a hollow piece of glass that was held into place by a wooden pin. These would become known as “threadless” by collectors. In 1865, Louis A. Cauvet patented a method to produce insulators with a screw type pinhole. These insulators would mount to a corresponding threaded pin that prevented them from “popping off” and creating havoc on the line. When the telephone was invented in 1876, the need for insulators sky rocketed and they did so once again when the rural electrification act was passed in 1936. Over time, there were many other improvements to form and function, which gives collectors today many different sizes and shapes to hunt for.

Not only did insulators provide a valuable functional service, but they can also be pleasing to the eye! Browsing this site, you will be sure to notice many nuances in color, shapes and style. Some styles were experimental or only produced in limited quantities, and as a result are far more rare than others. It seems each one has an interesting story to tell, what will they tell you?

A Statement About Authenticity
You can be assured, we will never sell irradiated, stained or otherwise altered insulators. Guaranteed.